The Eyes And The Tongue

Guarding the eyes and the tongue is of extreme importance. There were many cases of the ruin of Shaikhs and Aabids who had attained lofty spiritual heights by virtue of thikr and shaghl, but despite their good spiritual state, they were destroyed with just a single misdirected glance.People generally do not accord any importance to evil glances. Many Muqtad (Ulamaa and Mashaaikh) too do not exercise caution in this matter.

One Buzrug was apprehended after his death for not having prevented a man and a women who have squatted outside his property. The man and women were not married. Some sagheera (minor) sins, despite being minor , sometimes are more ruinous then kabeerah (major) sins. This is due to the corruption spawned by the minor sin – such corruption which is not caused by even a major sin. In an evil gaze, there is such corruption which is not found in some major sins. The underlying rule is that every sin terminates after its commission, e.g. murder, theft.

On the other hand, one evil lustful gaze creates the desire for another glance. A chain reaction of glances is developed. Thus, the first intentional glance is not confined to only one gaze. It spawns numerous evil glances.

Malfoothat Hakeemul Ummah

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