The Incident Of A Grave Being Granted Salvation

A pious person once passed a grave and saw wasps entering and exiting from the grave. Thinking to himself that this is an azaah (punishment) in the form of wasps, he decided to recite the entire Qur’aan Shareef and send it as esaal-e-thawaab to the inmate of the grave. After reciting it for the first time, the wasps stopped coming out of the grave but there were still wasps entering the grave. He recited the entire Qur’aan for the second time and the number of wasps decreased. Thereafter, he recited the entire Qur’aan for the third time and this time all the wasps disappeared. The pious person continued walking until he came across a farmer who invited him for meals. After partaking of the meals, he fell asleep. He saw in a dream that there was a person sitting on a throne with great honour and respect. When the man seated on the throne saw him, he rushed forward and embraced him and said, “I was granted salvation on account of you.” This person was the very inmate of that grave.

Malfoozat Faqeehul Ummah Pg 282 V1

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