The Story of The Woman Who Killed Yahya Alaihis Salaam

There was a king who had a wife that had been married previously. This woman had a daughter from her previous marriage. When this woman became old, she felt that her husband (the king) will most probably become attracted to another woman. She therefore decided to get this daughter of hers married to her husband. She even got her daughter to agree to this. This daughter also began making plans to attract the king towards her with various strategies. He also became attracted towards her. When Yahyâ Alaihis Salaam heard about this, he tried to stop the king from this. However, all three of them became his enemies and had him captured, brought before them, and be-headed.

After this, the king decided to commit the prohibited act with this step-daughter of his. Yahya Alaihis Salaams severed head began speaking and said:

“O, you fool! She is not halal for you!”

But this wicked king paid no heed. Upon this, the blood from the head of Yahya Alaihis Salaam began to boil and overflow and did not subside. The ‘ulama of that time said that as long as the blood of his killer is not made to flow (i.c. as long as they are not killed), this blood will not subside. There was a king of another neighbouring land. When he heard about this, he invaded this place and killed all the killers of Yahya Alaihis Salaam and 70 000 other kuffär. Only then did the flowing of that blood subside.

Lesson: May Allah save us from satanic acts. Can you see the consequences of following one’s nafs: a prophet is killed, a sinful act is committed, even then the nafs was not satisfied, soon thereafter they were punished for this tyranny and all those people who had remained silent and did not express their displeasure at the actions of the king were all punished. We learn from this that following one’s nafs, oppressing someone, and not expressing one’s displeasure at seeing actions that are contrary to the Shari’ah are actions that are extremely serious.

One should safeguard oneself from all this. When the nafs prompts you to do something contrary to the Shari’ah, don’t ever obey it and don’t ever abandon the Shari’ah. Don’t oppress anyone in any way irrespective of whether it is by causing him psychological harm, disgracing him or causing him financial harm – all this is considered to be oppression. If a person does anything contrary to the Shari’ah, hate his action in your heart. If he cannot harm you in any way, show your dislike outwardly as well. By your liking such a person and maintaining contact with him, there is fear you will also be afflicted when he is punished.

Bahisti Zewar

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